What’s A Blog With Class? (Activity Challenge #1)

What’s a blog with class?  I consider a great blogging site to be one where there is a great deal of interaction.  It would be a collaboration between teachers, students, and even parents.  Students and parents should consider your class blog to be a great resource in aiding to the educational process.

Our school district has purchased a program for classroom websites, but as I was searching the details of the websites – a peer’s WordPress blog (although I didn’t know what it was at the time) jumped out at me.  It was informative as well as pleasing to the eye (something our school website wasn’t).  I emailed her and she instantly responded with the information from her site. 

I started out with a basic page, with just classwork and homework assignments – but then as I started looking at other blogs, I realized that the website could be so much more!  I begin to add slide shows and videos and a weekly moral dilemma assignment.  The students have really gotten into it and I get excited whenever I find new applications/widgets to put on it.

So what is an effective class blog, you ask?  An effective blog is one that is attractive, informative, and interesting.  When people visit my blog I want them to have a small glimpse of this wonderful world that my students live, learn, and thrive in.  Drop by and take a look for yourself:  http://mrsjeff2u.edublogs.org

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4 Responses to What’s A Blog With Class? (Activity Challenge #1)

  1. murcha says:

    Hello Mrs Jeff and thanks for joining in on the Advanced Student Blogging Activity. I love your statement about blogging being most powerful when there is interaction. However, this is one element that many people find difficult to develop.
    How were you able to make your blog interactive? Have you found that parents will interact and if so, how do you encourage them to interact?
    Thanks for sharing your blog and allowing us to glimpse this wonderful world where your students live, learn and thrive.

    • Mrs. Jeff says:

      Thank you for your comment! By posting the weekly Scholastic “Sticky Situation”, I have found ways to get students involved with our classroom website. The pictures and slide shows are also a big hit! They love seeing themselves and their peers in action. Parents like and appreciate the fact that homework is on the blog and they can directly print it off. I am still learning (I only started the blog this school year) so I am excited about what’s to come in the life of my blog.

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  3. Miss W. says:

    G’day Mrs J,
    I found students take to a class blog really quickly but the keen ones love their own blog even more. I began the student blogging challenge in order for my students to extend their world and to gather a global audience for their work.

    I have only had a few parents leave comments on their own student’s blog but I do have a page where parents have to sign in and leave a comment about their student being allowed to blog.

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