Responsible Blogging (Challenge Activity #2)

When I first created my classroom blog last October, I was flying by the seat of my pants.  As is my normal fashion, I jumped headfirst into this and then went backwards and made up some of the rules as I went.  I can honestly say (albeit sheepishly) that teaching blogging etiquette was something that I had not even thought about.  It was only after I began to browse other blogs and website that I realized this was a vital piece that I had been missing.  I reviewed many other blogging guidelines from others and decided to use the blogging guidelines that Kim Cofino’s elementary education students had created a few years ago. I felt like the guidelines that those students created were written in a way that my 6th graders could understand.

In doing so, I also learned another valuable lesson – Attributing Another Person’s Content.  I had just created my blogging guidelines page when I came across the post – How Do You Feel When Someone Copies and Pastes Your Post? posted by Sue Walters on The Edublogger (March 11, 2010).

Although I have briefly reviewed blogging etiquette with my students, I do think this is an area that I will need to spend more time on this year and make it a top priority next year as we become more technologically more proficient and have access to computers more frequently.

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2 Responses to Responsible Blogging (Challenge Activity #2)

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  2. murcha says:

    Hello Mrs Jeff, thank you for sharing your experiences. Many of us jump in the deep end but sometimes that is the only way and then we learn as we go. Until we have established a network it can be very much trial and error. I like the way that you ensure that your 6th graders would understand the guidelines. Too often, we use rules, guidelines, codes etc that young students do not understand. I also like the work of Kim Cofino.

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