Responsible Blogging (Challenge Activity #2)

When I first created my classroom blog last October, I was flying by the seat of my pants.  As is my normal fashion, I jumped headfirst into this and then went backwards and made up some of the rules as I went.  I can honestly say (albeit sheepishly) that teaching blogging etiquette was something that I had not even thought about.  It was only after I began to browse other blogs and website that I realized this was a vital piece that I had been missing.  I reviewed many other blogging guidelines from others and decided to use the blogging guidelines that Kim Cofino’s elementary education students had created a few years ago. I felt like the guidelines that those students created were written in a way that my 6th graders could understand.

In doing so, I also learned another valuable lesson – Attributing Another Person’s Content.  I had just created my blogging guidelines page when I came across the post – How Do You Feel When Someone Copies and Pastes Your Post? posted by Sue Walters on The Edublogger (March 11, 2010).

Although I have briefly reviewed blogging etiquette with my students, I do think this is an area that I will need to spend more time on this year and make it a top priority next year as we become more technologically more proficient and have access to computers more frequently.

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What’s A Blog With Class? (Activity Challenge #1)

What’s a blog with class?  I consider a great blogging site to be one where there is a great deal of interaction.  It would be a collaboration between teachers, students, and even parents.  Students and parents should consider your class blog to be a great resource in aiding to the educational process.

Our school district has purchased a program for classroom websites, but as I was searching the details of the websites – a peer’s WordPress blog (although I didn’t know what it was at the time) jumped out at me.  It was informative as well as pleasing to the eye (something our school website wasn’t).  I emailed her and she instantly responded with the information from her site. 

I started out with a basic page, with just classwork and homework assignments – but then as I started looking at other blogs, I realized that the website could be so much more!  I begin to add slide shows and videos and a weekly moral dilemma assignment.  The students have really gotten into it and I get excited whenever I find new applications/widgets to put on it.

So what is an effective class blog, you ask?  An effective blog is one that is attractive, informative, and interesting.  When people visit my blog I want them to have a small glimpse of this wonderful world that my students live, learn, and thrive in.  Drop by and take a look for yourself:

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Teacher Challenge!

So I’ve signed up for the Edublogs’ Teacher Challenge!  In this challenge, you have 30 days to get your student’s blogging.  I created my first blog at the beginning of this school year to use as my classroom website.  Although I am new to blogging – I think that I’ve caught on fairly quickly.  This specific blog will focus on my work in the various teacher challenges.  Let the good times roll!

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